Carriage ride

Sitting in a carriage, listening to the thunder of the horses and riding through the woods, fields and the villages is a special experience. Our horses, under the guidance of an experienced guide, will drive you through the paths of the old Terezijana road, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Velebit wonders on one side and our crystal clear Adriatic Sea on the other side. There awaits the small town Karlobag, known for its rich archaeological sites and cultural heritage. With this ride you will surely amaze your partner, and even more your children. Experience the wonderful feeling when these noble animals greet you with their neighing and mentally take you back to past times.

Prices of horseback riding:

Recreational horse riding (with a guide) 1 hour 150,00 kuna
Carriage ride (per person) – tour 50,00 kuna
Open field horseback riding 3 hours with lunch 350,00 kuna
Open field horseback riding – 1 day 600,00 kuna
Open field horseback riding – 1 day with lunch 700,00 kuna
Circle horseback riding – 1 round 10,00 kuna
- Each next round is 10,00 Kuna