If you like adventures on bicycles, close to the hostel you have a wonderful 7 km long biking trail, which reveals the most beautiful parts of Velebit. The starting point of the trail is in front of the hotel Velebno, from there the trail continues to the right along the main road towards Karlobag and after 400 m it turns right again towards the village Stupačinovo. This part of the trail is paved and runs through a beech forest. After 2.4 km it turns left onto a gravel road. This area overlooks Dabarski kukovi on the right side and you pass under the Badanj hill. At 3.4 km the trail begins to descend towards the village Prpići where caution is needed, because of sharp rocks and mud (for less experienced bikers it is recommended to get off their bikes at this stage). After 500 m, the trail connects to a narrow paved road that leads to the main road Gospić-Karlobag (5.1 km). Before descending to the main road, it is recommended to go to the viewpoint Kubus. There you will have a beautiful view of the island of Pag and the sea on one side and the valley and the peaks of Velebit on the other side. On the way back from Kubus, after 200 meters, there is the hostel and restaurant Baške Oštarije where you can enjoy a variety of delicacies after a long trip.